Volunteers Information


Would you love to lend a hand? Volunteers are at the heart of what we do!



We need about 227 two-hour shifts filled by volunteers!!! Wow. Fun, fun, fun!
There are many areas where you can help.
Please pick an area you will most enjoy and be competent in!

What to do on arrival:

• Bring water, sun hats & sunscreen!
• Volunteer training will be done on site. The following are only brief job
descriptions. If you have any questions, please ask us.
• Shifts are generally 2 hours. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your shift at the
Volunteer Central located at the School. Find the Volunteer Bulletin Board, sign
in for your shift, read any posted updates, then go directly to your site and
receive your training.
• If you have to leave for a break before your shift is over, please make sure there is
someone to cover your area, and let a Desert Daze Staff member or other
volunteer know what is going on.
• Any suggestions or concerns are important to us – please share your time &
thoughts with us!
• You will be given a wristband to identify you as a volunteer.
• At the end of your shift go back to the Volunteer Central board and sign yourself
out (this is very important for you to receive your refund). You may also be
asked to sign in and out at the site itself. If you have helpful info to pass along to
the next shift post it on the Board please. Every bit helps!

All volunteers are asked to keep an eye on the site and contribute to garbage
clean up, filling up pet water buckets, reporting security concerns, passing along
suggestions and self initiating problem solving the “unexpected”, all the while
behaving as friendly hosts and Desert Daze ambassadors.

Shift Descriptions:

1. Pre-Festival Set Up: 5 volunteers
• Putting posters up in town
• Set up the site and stage Thursday morning/afternoon and Friday morning
• Prepare venues and beer garden (with decoration, tables & chairs set up, help
build or assemble stages/structures)
• Some physical labour
• Sign making
• Other simple tasks vary

2. Floating Helper: 1 volunteer per shift
• Report to the volunteer coordinators and back fill shifts as required
• Give out schedules, directions, assistance as required
• Clean and maintain washrooms at the port-a-potties and the School
• Empty garbage around site and in buildings
• Set up recycling system
• Get water to volunteers at gates
• Run cash and documentation of sales
• Fill dog water bucket
• Restock washrooms with soap, toilet paper
• Monitor outdoor site including outdoor stage area and vendor site for garbage,
and signs that have been knocked down etc

3. Main Gate and Parking Gate: 2 volunteers for each gate (4 total) per shift
• Sell wristbands or day passes
• Collect money/ give out change & record all interactions
• Info sheet with prices will be provided
• Check for wristbands of coming/going people
• Give out schedules, directions, assistance
• Direct performers/volunteers
• Keep a careful tally of passes

4. Merchandise Selling and INFO Center: 2 volunteers per shift
• Sell festival & artist merchandise and provide all info
• Help set up merchandise display, T-shirts, raffle tickets, CD’s
• Sell merchandise and keep accurate records of all transactions
• Check in performer merchandise and record all items being sold
• Keep each performers merchandise and festival records separate
• Fill out cash forms and make sure floats are correct at beginning & end of shift
• Sign up volunteers for next year
• Give out information on schedules, first aid location, water, pickling class, local
camping options

5. Concession: 2 to 3 volunteers per shift
• Sell beverages, snacks and water
• Keep records of ticket sales
• Restock as necessary and keep area clean
• Cook food on the grill

6. Beer Garden: 4 volunteers per shift

  • Must be 19 years of age or older
  • “Serving It Right” certification an asset but not a requirement

7. First Aid Attendant

  • Minimum St. John Level One FA ticket required
  • First Aid room with Basic Life Support equipment on-site