Ja Pace of the Rio Samaya Band. (2016) She came – she saw(ed) – she conquered our hearts!



Well apparently it has … and (to re-mint a previously coined phrase) what a long strange trip it has been! A lot of blood, sweat and tears by a lot of dedicated souls. But what a lot of fun it has been! 


Yes by golly! Against seemingly all odds it has! And we are going to celebrate! And we are going to do so with as many of the fantastic musicians and artists that have made this trip so wonderful as we can. To commemorate this auspicious anniversary we are inviting as many of the great musical acts and talented folk as we can that have contributed over this past decade in making the Desert Daze Music Festival truly the Best Little Festival in the West!

So … are you one of that rarified alumni? Have you performed for us sometime since our festival’s inception in 2009?

If so, then there is a good chance that we have sent you an invitation to come back and party down with us! If we have sent you an RSVP please consider putting us on your itinerary! We would love to have you back – whoever you may be and no matter what style of music you play. ‘Cuz as you know – since you have been here before – we love all kinds of music! And we know we loved YOUR music! 

But – if you have not been sent an invitation to return please contact us right away! We want to hear from you! Of course, being a small outfit with a small budget we can’t bring back EVERYONE (we wish we could! we really do!). But please get in touch with us, tell us who are and when you played here and – if you have changed bands or your name or whatever – who you were playing (music) with at the time. We just might get you back here!

So, if you have performed at the Spences Bridge Desert Daze Music Festival sometime in the past and want to do so again then shoot us an email! We want to hear from you!

And oh yes … we have not forgotten that August 2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of another great little festival. Of course we mean Woodstock! And we have some plans afoot to commemorate this as well. Stay tuned to this website and our Facebook page for more on that!

Just check out our new banner design! …