Festival Goals


  • To share with others local arts & culture and celebrate B.C. rural community life.


  • Design and deliver an event that reflects the festival’s main mission as stated above
  • Bring area residents together to host a large scale event
  • Establish, develop and actively maintain a website and Facebook page as well as other social media platforms (Twitter and Instagram)
  • Select only top-notch musicians and entertainment
  • Showcase high quality artisans and vendors
  • Provide an educational space for aboriginal community members, artists and farmers to pass their knowledge to a broader audience
  • Expose young people to new opportunities through workshops and demonstrations
  • Offer activities for all ages including pre-schoolers, youth, adults and seniors
  • Bring new visitors to the area
  • Stimulate the area’s economy


  • Increase the number of festival attendees from year to year
  • Gain partnerships with provincial organizations than have common goals
  • Maintain a positive relationship with Canadian Heritage and our other sponsors
  • Build on a relationship with BC’s Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation
  • Improve event operations and add activities to enhance the festival attendees experience