2021 Desert Daze Music Festival – CANCELLED!

It is with heavy hearts and no small amount of frustration that the Desert Daze Music Festival Planning Committee has made the difficult but ultimately inevitable decision to cancel the 2021 Desert Daze Music Festival.

For those who are residents of Spences Bridge (the site of the festival) and the entire southern interior region of British Columbia the reasons for this decision should come as no surprise. There still remains several wildfires – some categorized as “out-of-control” – burning in the immediate vicinity, and this has necessitated many of the surrounding communities having to be put on Evacuation Alert, and in some cases even Evacuation Order. Indeed, the citizens of Spence’s Bridge itself have just recently returned to their homes after having been evacuated for over a week due to an immanent wildfire threat. And there seems no end in sight.

Couple this with the intermittent and unpredictable closures of major highways and routes to and from the region, the ongoing poor air quality caused by the ever-present wildfire smoke, and now the newly implemented Covid-19 restrictions, the Desert Daze Committee felt it had no choice but to shut down Festival planned for September 10 & 11.

Yet we remain ever hopeful and are already looking forward to planning for next years festival. We will continue to work to bring to our friends and families in all of the communities in our wonderful Thompson-Nicola region of southern BC (and beyond) the “Best Little Fest in the West”.

In the meanwhile we ask that all of you – our friends, neighbors, partners and patrons remain safe, remain diligent and – most of all – remain hopeful. This too shall pass, and we will all come out of this closer and stronger. Next year we are going to present the greatest Desert Daze Festival in history, and we want to see all of you there in 2022!

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