Desert Daze Covideo Festival – Part Two


This is the second half of the 2020 Desert Daze CoVideo Music Festival video. This was premiered on Saturday evening August 8th. If features outstanding performances by 5 local musicians and bands. Check them out!

  1. 3:38 – Nadine Davenport @ the Bridge Lookout
  2. 34:07 – Cowboy Swing @ The Packing House Restaurant Patio
  3. 1:10:49 – Better With Juice @ the Desert Daze Festival grounds
  4. 1:41:45 – The Dire Heart @ the Hilltop Gardens Orchard and Campground
  5. 2:11:42 – The Melawmen Collective @ The Arbor at Cooks Ferry

A huge shout-out to our supporters and sponsors!

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