Desert Daze “CoVideo” Festival in the “can”!

Filming and recording for the 2020 Desert Daze “CoVideo” Music Festival is complete (or “in the can” as they say in the biz) – and what an outstanding experience it was! We commemorated 10 years of Desert Daze with 10 performances in 10 iconic locations in around the Village of Spences Bridge, the festivals hometown.

As you may be aware the Desert Daze Music Festival – like tens of thousands of other festivals and cultural events all over the world – could not take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Undaunted by adversity however, the Desert Daze Committee chose to re-think the standard festival presentation model and developed an intriguing and unique alternative format – combining video with social media to create a “virtual’ festival experience!

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Sisters Dixie and Paulet aka “Flat Busted” strutted their stuff at the Vultures Garage

2020 marks the 10th year and the 11th edition of “The Best Little Fest in the West” – but with a twist. Desert Daze had invited 10 local musicians and bands to perform at 10 different iconic, scenic and historic locations in and around Spences Bridge. Over four days (July 4 to 8) these performances were professionally videoed and recorded. These shows – along with short vignettes about the significance and history of the locations they were filmed at – will be compiled and presented online on the traditional weekend of the Desert Daze Music Festival (August 7 & 8)! 

Sound and film crew setting up amidst the vintage classics found at Vultures Garage in Spences Bridge

In order to highlight the extraordinary musical talent found within the local area Desert Daze invited 10 fantastic musicians and bands to take part in this unique event. 

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As we knew would be the case going in, the quality and diversity of music that was presented before the cameras was outstanding! Almost no genre was left unturned! From solo guitarist and singer/songwriters sharing original songs to rock and country cover bands. Old school bluegrass and folk to roots and indigenous hip-hop, we had it covered!


Popular local recording artists and eloquent speakers on Indigenous culture “The Melawmen Collective” graced the Arbor at Cooks Ferry.

Here are the musical performers that took part in the Desert Daze CoVideo Music Festival and the locations at which they played:

The Melawmen Collective @ The Arbor – Cooks Ferry 

Nadine Davenport @ The Lookout

Dwayne Rourke @ The James Teit House

The Dire Heart @ The Hilltop Orchard Campground

Ron Ingram & Cowboy Swing @ The Packing House Restaurant (patio)

Flat Busted @ Vultures Garage

Jenny & the Gents @ The Log Cabin Pub

Joshua Bergen @ The Packing House Restaurant

Better with Juice @ The Desert Daze Festival grounds

Billanannee @ The Inn at Spences Bridge


Ashcroft based power-duo “The Dire Heart” crushed it at the Hilltop Gardens Orchard.

These performances will make up the bulk of the final video that will be the 2020 Desert Daze CoVideo Music Festival. They are being compiled and edited by the fine folks at the Hub Online Network in Ashcroft, who did the actual filming. The final video (which will be at least 6 hours long) will be streamed to the public over various social media platforms on the second weekend of August 2020 – the traditional weekend of the Desert Daze Music Festival. Stay tuned to this website and our Facebook page for more info about this exciting and unique project! 

Local rockers extraordinaire “Jenny & the Gents” shook the rust out of the rafters of atmospheric Log Cabin Pub

Our sincerest THANK YOU!! goes out to these sponsors and funders, without whose support this project would not have happened..

The Packing House Restaurant

The Inn at Spences Bridge

The Log Cabin Pub








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