More Workshops

Writing with Linda McRae
Hands on Object Writing – For anyone who is or wants to be a writer. These simple writing exercises will help generate new ideas and get those creative juices flowing again, whether you’re a songwriter, poet, creative writer, etc. Open to all ages. Bring pen and paper.

Rhythm Bones with Maria in the Shower

Educational workshop on the history of rhythm in song, exploring concepts of groove using a primitive percussion instrument called the rhythm bones. This workshop is very hands-on, where participants will be taught how to actually play these instruments and then play along with the band in some examples.

Kite Flying with Dale Pattison
On Saturday, Dale will demonstrate the magnificent spirit of kite-flying. Visit him throughout the weekend and you can make your own kite for just $5.

Learn to Drum with Milton Randall
Percussionist Milton Randall began performing professionally at the age of 13, and has studied Brazilian and African music under recognized masters. He has performed with the Winnipeg and El Paso symphonies, and has appeared on national Mexican TV and CBC Radio. Milton uses his experience as a public school and university-level educator to communicate the magic of African and Latin drumming.

Yoga with Maya
Achieve your true potential through the continuous exploration of movement and breath. Discover the meaning of balance and apply it to your everyday lives. You will be led through a short intro sequence that will make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Open to all ages.

ALL WORKSHOPS ABOVE, in addition to the popular pickling seminar, and both guitar workshops with SEAN ASHBY and ROCKLAND MORAN.