Contests: Seed Spitting & Apple Bobbing

How good are you at spitting a watermelon seed? Ever tried bobbing for apples?

Here’s a chance to really show us how it’s done. Enter either the watermelon seed spittin’ contest or the apple bobbing OR both.

COST TO ENTER: A Toonie will get you 10 spits or 30 seconds for bobbing

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Just before 9 pm we will announce the winner for the LONGEST DISTANCE SEED-SPITTER and APPLE BOBBING MASTER

PRIZE: The winners will be awarded half of the cash collected from the afternoon contests and will hold the title until next year’s Desert Daze Festival.

Come on out and join the fun. Sign up at the info desk where musician merchandise, festival t-shirts, cd’s and raffle tickets will be sold.