Some guys visit Spences Bridge (and make a cool video!)

Last summer four guys from Joy Factory Films – on behalf of the Thompson Nicola Film Commission and Gold Country BC Communities Society – spent some time in our neck of the woods and created this wonderful little video. The film shows the aforementioned 4 guys (Tanner, Brynden, Derek and Kyle) as they “explore the rugged areas of Gold Country on an epic summer road trip!”.  The video shows these adventurers visiting various establishments and locals in Spences Bridge – the Acacia Grove Camp Ground, the Log Cabin Pub, and the famous Packing House Restaurant. All the while they are seen enjoying the local fishing, playing frisbee and indulging in a few (or maybe a bit more than a few) cold ones. Most of all, they came and enjoyed our fabulous Desert Daze Music Festival! Thanks guys – it appears you had a lot of fun! Come on back anytime!

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